About Academy

We at Nirbhaya Self Defence Academy have done lot of research and have developed a Self Defence Workshop , where we teach certain Self Defence techniques to Empower Students, Girls, Women and Children and hence make them confident enough to face any kind of threat , abuse and defend themselves , friends and relatives from Rogues or Abusers successfully.

The Nirbhaya Story

The incident which happened in DELHI, where a young enthusiastic ,ambitious ,innocent ,young girl ,who was brutally gang raped in a bus and mercilessly thrown off the moving bus, which shook the entire country ,has left us shocked, pained, and horrified. These incidents are only increasing day by day .This incident would have been averted ,if only she was bold ,equipped with very effective self defence techniques.

These incidents are happening due to lack of boldness from the side of the victim, and lack of self esteem and discipline from the side of the criminal .The only answer to reduce this kind of incidents is ,by introducing self defence programs and mind power workshops right from school level to bring in a co- ordination between Mind-Body-Soul.

Ranjini Ganesh (Founder)

  • ISB 10,000 Women – Certificate Program for Women Entrepreneurs, Hyderabad
  • Cherie Blair Mentee .
  • IOD Member
  • FKCCI Member

An Entrepreneur, First started a Boutique - Ranjini’s Boutique. In 2005 started Ranjini’s Interiors. Now NIR - Bhaya Self Defence Academy. Very passionate about Children, girls and Women. Concerned about their safety. Emotionally feels hurt when they are abused or raped . Hence to empower them, make them confident to face the world boldly , to protect themselves from any kind of Abuse / rape threat, started NIR Bhaya Self Defence Academy. Has conducted many workshops with respect to it at School’s , College’s and Corporates.

“We Teach the Art of Fighting without Fighting”

Mr.G.Ganesh - Technical Director

Mr.G.Ganesh, born and brought up in Bangalore ,and also educated in Bangalore.

  • V th Dan, Black Belt in Karate and a V thDan Black Belt in Kung Fu .
  • He has won many State and National level Tournaments earlier and International level recently in Bombay at World Martial Art Games.
  • Receipient of AMMA Award for Karate .
  • He is a Receipient of Buddha Bodhi Dharma Award for Martial Arts .