Our program addresses the Personal Safety component of the Healthy Active Living without FEAR . Gaining understanding of communication skills to avoid and/or de-escalate conflict. We Have confidence in the fact that WE are offering a course that is based on reality, not fantasy. Learning practical Self Defence Skills in a fun, non-intimidating environment. Students will rate our course as one of their favourite activities. Building their confidence to deal with Bullying, Harassment, and Violence. Support from parents for offering potentially life saving instruction to their kids. We want to do our bit for the young generation ,by imparting whatever good knowledge we have in Martial Arts , with an Intention to empower Children, Girls, boys Woman & Men with Self Defence Techniques ,which is the Birth Right of every human being to protect themselves.

Our Self Defence Classes introduce students to a variety of defence techniques. We teach stand up, ground work, basic awareness skills, avoidance, and assertiveness.

Benefits of Self-Defence classes include :

  • Situational Awareness
  • Self-defence strategies and techniques
  • Learn to adapt to the situation at hand no matter what size, age, or body type.

Dojo Rules for Students :-

Karate/Kungfu/Wing Chun /Taichi etc is a martial art with all the etiquette and behavior that a true martial art entails. Students must not use their skills offensively or in unjustified situations.

Rules of Our Class :-

Please bow on entering and leaving the training arena. Please bow to the instructors and ask their permission to enter or leave the training area. If you arrive late, await the instructors consent before joining the class. Bow to the instructor at the top left of the class and then bow to the class before taking your place. - Train at least twice a week. Do not leave the training area without obtaining permission from the instructor first. Finger and toe nails must be kept short and clean. A good standard of hygiene must be kept. jewelry must not be worn during training (this is to prevent injury to yourself or your training partners). No smoking, swearing, drinking, chewing, spitting and any other such manner of behavior is permitted in the training arena.

Respect your class mates.

Turn off mobile phones.

Client’s List

  • Christ College
  • Times Foundation
  • Tumkur University
  • Baldwin Methodist Girls College
  • Karnataka Child Welfare Wing
  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • Fiserve
  • Jivox Software
  • Infeneon
  • Woman’s Clubs
  • Woman and Child Development – Govt of Karnataka,India
  • Burger King Chain of Hotel for Women Employees
  • Sheshadripuram Tumkur College
  • AT&T
  • TEK Systems
  • Beep Software
  • Mathwork.com Etc
  • Biocon