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We from NIR Bhaya Self Defence Academy are planning a Walkathon on November 25th, 2018. We want to Create an Awareness about Abuse / Rape that is happening against Children, Girls and Women. We want to educate the people about different types of Abuse because Abuse is not only about physical type of Abuse but can be Mental,..... We want to distribute a small booklet about this and also about how they can prevent it, to School 's, College 's, Association's & the General Public. We want to create an Awareness about Self Defence as it is one of the Best ways to Prevent or Protect oneself from such abuses. We have seen practically how one by training in the Art of Self Defence like Karate, Kung fu, Tai Chi... has boosted the Confidence level of young Vulnerable Girls & Women to boldly face any kind of Abuse and escape / prevent the Abuse.

We are doing this to create an Awareness about how by the practice of Martial Arts like Karate, Kung fu, Tai Chi..... with Yoga and Meditation one can ward of or escape from any kind of Abuse / Rape. We want to Create an Awareness that : SELF DEFENCE IS THE BEST DEFENCE. SELF DEFENCE IS OUR BIRTH RIGHT. WE are doing this on Gandhi Jayanthi because Mahathma Gandhiji's had told that the real Independence is on that day when a Woman can walk alone fearlessly after 12. 00 midnight on the road by herself.

We also require to build good infrastructure to train more Children, Girls, Boys, Women in Martial arts like Karate , Kungfu, Taichi etc for their Self Defense . We want to have a train the trainer program , to bring out High Quality Trainers. Therefore the Walkathon is also a Fund raising event for a Noble Social Cause. Already the Impact created by us :- A Second standard Girl student , trained by us, Was able to save herself from a Kidnap attempt . A Lady , trained by us was able to release herself from an Abuser in the Bus stand and teach him a good lesson , by giving him a sound thrashing. Therefore Please Participate in large numbers and encourage the Nobel Cause.